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Information about Sundsvall

Travel information:

If you arrive to Stockholm Arlanda Airport there are several possibilities to get to the town Sundsvall. (Sundsvall is located 344 kilometers up north from Stockholm Arlanda airport)

By air:
SAS are flying, go to their website as soon as possible and you can find good prices. Also remember Thursdays is SAS “sales day”;) The flight takes 45 minutes.

By train:
At the site sj.se you can book tickets. PLEASE NOTE! You have to pre-book ticket, you can’t buy them on the train. Also NOTE, if booking ticket very early its cheap – then the prices increase. So hurry up with your bookings;)

When booking train tickets you should search from ARLANDA C going to SUNDSVALL C. The fastest train ride is 3 hours.

At Stockholm Arlanda Airport it’s very easy to find the trains, just go to the part of the airport called SKYCITY!

By bus:
At the site ybuss.se you can book bustickets (from Arlanda to Sundsvall). The ride takes between 4 hours to 5 1/2 hours, you will find the estimated time on each departure time on the website.

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