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Register as a competitor

Swedish Competitors make your payment to:
BankGiro: 319-1749 (Dansföreningen Style Studio)

All international Competitors:

Can pay upon arrival for their passes. (Hotel rooms has to be paid in advance to ensure you have a room)
If you have got any questions concerning prices and passes, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This is how you register to compete:

  1. Register as a member with the Worldcdf, you need a membership number to register. LINK: www.worldcdf.com Once you recieve your confirmation from the Worldcdf you can proceed to step 2.
  2. Now you can register to compete via this link: www.worldcdf.com
  3. Last day to register is 23rd April.


Competitor Passes includes ALL dances
Reg. before 23/04/2017 Reg. after 23/04/2017
2 day pass Adult and above 800 SEK 900 SEK
2 day pass Jr Teen and lower 400 SEK 450 SEK
2 day pass Social Competitors 350 SEK 400 SEK


All others (none competitors)
weekend 50 SEK