Social Division

Competition dances are:

Dans A: Lonely Drums

Dans B: Groovy Love 

Dans C: I´m Free

Age divsions:

Your age divsion is the age you are on the 31 december 2019.

– Jr. Primary 0-9
– Jr. Youth 10-13
– Jr. Teen 14-17
– Adult 18+
– Crystal 30+
– Diamond 40+
– Silver 50+
– Gold 60+

1. Men (male) compete against men and women (female) against women.
2. To compete for an overall qualifying competition your need to dance all 3 dances.
3. No special clothing requirements (of course you will be dressed to suit)
4. Dances are counted in.
5. Original music will be used.
6. You will never dance alone on the dancefloor.

This is how to register to compete:

1. Register as a member of the Worldcdf (free) you will need a temporary membership number to compete. Link: Once you recieve your confirmation from the  Worldcdf you can proceed to point 2.

2. Now you can register for the Social Divsion via this link: