Stockholm travel information

Airport transport:

If you arrive to Stockholm Arlanda Airport there are several possibilities to get to the city centre. See below.

Arlanda Express:
With Arlanda express trains you get straight from Arlanda airport to the center of Stockholm city in one short trip. Book you tickets and see times here:

From Stockholm city central you can take the tube to the venue. The stop for the hotel and venue are called: Globen. You can find travel information for the tube and buy tickets here:

For more information on the city of Stockholm you can visit:

Places to eat and "fika":

Restaurants at Globen shopping (across the street from venue)

Tolv choice of restaurants (across the street from venue)

For travel information, other places to stay and parking info:

We recommend nearby parking garages.
ICA opposite offers free parking 2 hours (Globen Shopping).
There is also free parking outside the slaughterhouse area.

Shopping: (next to venue)

Gallerian (Stockholm city)

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