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Don’t miss 2020, you can just tell by the year that its gonna be something extra!

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Payment from abroad: (Can also pay upon arrival for their passes)
IBAN:SE 2080000832799331302878
Bank: Swedbank AB
Dance Association Style Studio

Payment from Sweden:
Bank: Swedbank
Dansföreningen Style Studio

All international Competitors:

Can pay upon arrival for their passes.
If you have got any questions concerning prices and passes, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Competitor Passes includes ALL dances

Reg. before 31/03/2020

Reg. after 31/03/2020

2 day pass Adult and above

850 SEK (90 Euro)

950 SEK (100 Euro)

2 day pass Jr Teen and lower

450 SEK (45 Euro)

500 SEK (53 Euro)

2 day pass Social Competitors

350 SEK (37 Euro)

400 SEK (42 Euro)

2 day pass Wheelchair

350 SEK (37 Euro)

400 SEK (42 Euro)

All others (none competitors)


Spectator/social  weekend pass

100 SEK (10 EUR)


This is how to register to compete:

1. Register as a member of the Worldcdf (free) you will need a temporary membership number to compete. Link: Once you receive your confirmation from the  Worldcdf you can proceed to point 2.

2. Now you can register for the Social Division via the button above this section.


Event Directors

Robert Müller

Robert Müller

Our swedish master of Swedish Open, thanks to this guy we have been going for 13 years.

Pim Van Grootel

Pim Van Grootel

Our music genius and double star division dancer and judge, now proud swedish resident 😉 aka. Jack Sparrow.

Matt Oakley

Matt Oakley

Straight shooter and coaching hard ass, now swedish citizen and fellow double star dancer and judge.